All those UV things to bleach your teeth look so scary to me and I read bad things about them. This is just toothpaste with natural charcoal💕
Not only is the package really cute, but it’s really working!


This morning i tried the@pinkcharcoalnatural teeth whitening powder and toothpaste😁feel like my teeth look whiter already!


I start my day with @pinkcharcoal cause I want my teeth to be clean, white & fresh 💎
If you’re afraid of chemical teeth whitening but you still want that pearly white results, this can be a good choice for you 😁

Activated Charcoal?

What, How, Huh…?

Activated Charcoal whitens your teeth?! Who knew!? By simply brushing your teeth for 3 minutes each night, you can whiten your teeth naturally with Pink Charcoal. The Activated Charcoal works to adsorb mouth toxins and plaque, not only improving your oral health, but also removing stains in the process!

For extra protection and whitening, use your Pink Charcoal Organic Teeth Whitening Powder in conjunction with our Day and Night Toothpastes for full day freshness.

Still wanna know more? Check out the video below or take a look at our FAQ’s xx